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The screen shown on the plans and herein specified is manufactured by Avant Guards. The manufacturer’s name and products have been used to establish the standard of construction and quality of workmanship required for this project. Manufacturers bidding on this project must be actively engaged in the fabrication of specified items for 3 years.


Manufacturers requesting approval to bid their product as equal must submit to the architect shop drawings that include details of attachment to surrounding materials and elevations showing scope of the project.

Quality Assurance

Items provided in the section shall be manufactured and fabricated by firms with 3 years experience in type of work specified. Performance and testing must comply with sag, impact, and forced entry resistance tests of ANSI/SMA 6001-1990, American National Standard. Specifications for Protection Screens must meet the performance requirements for a Heavy Rating.

Delivery, Storage, and Handling

Before and during shipment to site, adequately protect products. Products should be stored in conditions that protect from damage. Installation shall be by installers experienced in type of work specified for respective item.


Verify that openings fit allowable tolerances are plumb, level, provide a solid anchoring surface and comply with approved shop drawings. Plumb and align faces in a single plane and erect doors square and true adequately anchored. After completion of installation, screens shall be in working order and clean.


Manufacturer will supply a written one-year warranty on all products.


American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), American Welding Society (AWS)

Installation, adjusting, and Clean up

Install in accordance with approved shop drawings and specifications. Erect guards and other work of this section, rigid, straight, and plumb with horizontal lines level. Secure connections and attachment. Adjust guards and hardware and leave in working order where applicable. Clean work of this section upon completion. Remove debris resulting from work of this section.


Acceptable Manufacturers

Avant Guards Manufacturing
219 Cook Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(718)366-6565 fax.(718)366-0010

Aluminum Security Screen Materials

The extruded aluminum main frame, 1/8" thickness and continuously welded at corners and ground smooth.

The extruded aluminum concealment plate, 1/16" thickness and fastened to main frame using tamper resistant fastners.

The extruded aluminum subframe, 1/8" thickness with die cast zinc corner brace, welded at corners and ground smooth, and also may include an optional silencer.

A brace is required for guards over 52" high. Scribe angles or channels are optional as per specification.

An overlap of the frame to the subframe in order to eliminates gaps is required to prevent direct tampering between the mainframe and subframe. No gap will be accepted in the product
No fastners are to be accessible from the closed gate position. This is to insure any tampering with the gate from inside or outside.

Infill Options:
12, 14, and 16 gauges perforated panel
18 and 20 gauges stainless perforated panel
10 and 12 mesh stainless


Welding shall comply with requirements of AWS. Grind welds smooth. Window guards, unless otherwise shown, shall cover entire window opening. Provide frame and accessories of size and construction as shown on drawings. Window guards over 5’ wide or 8’ high will be fabricated in two sections.

Paint and Finish

All interior and exterior surfaces of the mainframe and shall be thoroughly cleaned in a three-step bonderizing process. The surfaces shall receive an electro-statically applied thermoplastic polyester powder coating, which shall be applied and baked to a hard mar-resistant finish in a standard or custom color. Touch-up paint is available for installation.

Locks and Hardware

Concealed stainless steel pin hinges, to have 2 hinges for guards under 5’, and 3 hinges per guard 5’ and over.

Lock Options:
Lift Quick
Panic Push
Push Down
Bit- Key


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